Talking to an ex after breakup

This guy and I seemed well matched, got on really well and were together 2 months. I want to reach out to him (I have been considering this for days) and was not clingy after the break up. I just accepted it. I was however, trying to move too fast in the relationship and even acted out of character that led to the eventual breakup. Weirdly he even put the relationship on facebook the week before even though he told me he’d been considering his decision for a few weeks. He did act more distant over that time but not significantly so. I was planning to send a text, just a nice one saying I’d thought of him. What is the best way to approach this? Should I even bother or is it possible he could miss me too?

Female Roommate Sleeping with Friend

Should I tell my best friend/roommate that I know she’s sleeping with our friend? Or should I just let things play out?

So I recently moved into a two bedroom apartment just off of campus with one of my best friends, who happens to be a girl. I was hesitant about living with living with her at first, but neither one of us could afford to move out on our own, so moving in together was the most financially logical decision. After about a month, everything had been going great. We’d been getting along with no arguments and no drama. So one night, we were in the apartment hanging out with one of her other really good guy friends, just watching TV. Now, I knew that they had history, but she’d always told me that they were just friends, strictly platonic. Now, that night I came across evidence that I shouldn’t have seen, that proved that they’ve been hooking up.

They still have no idea that I know. Should I tell my best friend/roommate that I know she’s sleeping with our friend? Or should I just let things play out?

I want it all back, even if it was my fault I lost it…

My wife and I used to role play both story and intimate wise. It was a favorite past time we would do since we don’t feel we have interesting enough lives to just “talk”. I work a job she doesn’t care about less it affects me emotionally, and she’s slightly mentally handicapped with weak joint and a bone deteriorating condition so she can’t work so I have to be away most of the time.

Recently, for the third time I roleplayed with someone else using my personal character, who is a more handsome, muscular as I’m fat, and more sexually appealing version of myself. My wife is everything to me, and I would never cheat on her with another woman or man in the flesh, but no matter how you look at it, I did so regardless. Now she’s killed off all of her characters and will never do so because of me, and I’m so regretful I wanted to die because of it. Now she’s “writing” a new story and has me actingh out what the love interest would do, which is Roleplay, and I feel I can’t commit because it’s like driving more and more guilt, especially when we can’t do it to spice up our sex life… yet I want to because I love her and want her to be happy… I know I did wrong, and perhaps I needed to control my frigging hormones… but I need a lot of sexually tension due to my possibly having ano issue with being over aroused too often, and she’s not always awake during the day or in the mood to sext… am I just being selfish in wanting that back because now it feels like I can’t do it like I want to anymore like she’s wanting now after killing off her characters and refusing to do any of it with me anymore in bed or otherwise?

Girlfriend’s Mom Hates Me

My girl’s mom hates me for sexting with her daughter over a year ago, haven’t talked to her mom in 7 months and haven’t seen my girl in 8 months. I’m dating the girl now. Her mom isn’t very understanding and doesn’t want me talking to her daughter. Help?

So I met this girl almost three years ago on Halloween. For the last couple years I was there for her through all her relationships. Recently we started dating. The problem is she lives with her mom and her mom hates me since she found out my girlfriend and I sexted in the past. I haven’t seen her in 8 months and I’ve changed for the better over time. I haven’t talked to her mom in 7 months and she doesn’t know I’ve changed. She’s still prejudiced towards me as far as my girl and I know and she doesn’t know I’m dating her daughter. She doesn’t even want me talking to her daughter. I don’t know if I should talk to her mom and I wouldn’t know what to say. I’m in love with this girl and I can’t lose her :'(

Conflicted and confused

Okay so. This girl ive been friends with for a little bit now and who ive helped through all of her relationship problems asked me to be her girlfriend today. I feel like i like her but for some reason i wanted to say no to the relationship. But i said yes because i was being rushed for an answer and i didnt want to hurt her. On the other side i have the biggest crush on this guy who i think has feelings for me to. I would like to be with him and i plan on hanging out with him soon. I can tell the girl really likes me but i dont want to hurt her, especially since i think my heart isnt all in to her because a huge part of me likes this guy. I just, dont know what to do. I really need help.

Does my guy friend have a crush on me?

I have this guy friend who I talk to online and he’s nice. The other day I saw him with his mates and when he noticed me he had a big smile and said hi. Then later on he was standing around talking with a few mates and I walked near him but he avoided eye contact and didn’t talk to me so I said hello and he said whats up and he looked a bit nervous and started chatting to his mates again then a while after that I was talking to my other friends and he came near my group with his mates and was looking at me as I saw at the corner of my eye. Does he like me? He has mentioned he is a shy person to me

What to do from here

We’ve been through a lot and its not “just fun” anymore and she’s afraid.

Names have been changed for anonymity.

“Agatha” and I started flirting back in September 2016 and we started hooking up in October, I established the relationship initially as “just fun” thinking that we could keep it that way and professional around the office. The idea was to be discreet and to my knowledge only her best friend knows that we are even talking “romantically” and only my roommates officially know that we have been sleeping together since October. She is a closed off person typically when it comes to feelings, I can only assume because she is guarding everything that she has left fiercely (her two daughters and her job)

Her story. She was going through the end of her divorce from a guy that just stopped caring and stopped helping raise their children. She had tried and dated seriously with another guy before while still married but broke up with him because of his abusive and alcoholic tendencies and sometimes he would act insane, for example… calling and texting her guy friends and making threats etc. She did decide to try and remain friends with him still regardless of the breakup (which she does with all people even if she doesn’t always get along with them).

My story. Divorced for a year and a half by the time Agatha and I met. I had a few girlfriends but decided I wasn’t sure I wanted anything long term anymore and wanted to see what was out there. I had been working on myself and wanted some companionship but maybe not anything serious.

Our sexual chemistry was ferocious… I love do sweet things for her, getting her flowers, driving an hour and a half to see her get home from the airport after visiting family once, getting her favorite Mexican food, making her “miss me?” letters whenever I went out of town, making sure she had one of my shirts so she could smell me while I was away… By the second month of us being “together” I started to develop feelings because I spent time around her and her girls. Not meaning to act as a surrogate father but accidentally filling the role when we got to hang out. I loved it and grew attached. Her seeing the way I treated her and her girls she definitely became more and more comfortable around me. By April we had some ups and downs and had many close personal experiences and we had realized that this wasn’t just fun anymore. After leaving for a weekend trip with friends and returning we were closer than ever because we had missed each other so much and the passion was intense and the feeling of closeness was intoxicating.

The very next week, a switch had flipped in her and she became cold distant and mean. After several days of little to no communication we finally get a chance to talk. Being an empathetic individual, I was able to get clues and deduce some of how she felt and she confirmed them.

The condensed version…

1. She is terrified that she isn’t where she needs to be personally, financially, (still living in the rental house her and her ex lived in) and if she tried to reciprocate the feelings I have… She is afraid she wouldn’t be enough and I would end up leaving because she couldn’t make me feel the way I make her feel.

2. In her distance and being cold, her logic was hoping that I would possibly move on to spare herself the cost of failure but at the same time secretly hoping I stay, regardless of the way she treated me because of how I have made her feel and how I have been there for her girls and what we could possibly be.

After hashing out those facts I assured her that the only thing I need is for her is to be with me when she can, not to be distant and let herself be happy because that is what makes me happy. I also stated I would support her where I could when she just wanted time to work on herself and that I don’t want or need her to be perfect, I just want her to be there.

Currently she is out of town with family to see her sibling graduate and won’t be home until the day of her birthday; I’m giving Agatha her space and only messaging her when she contacts me. I’m hoping that this weekend will remind her of missing me and maybe thinking that she can be open and honest with me and possibly want to pursue something with me (even if it’s a baby step in the direction of a relationship)

When she gets back she won’t have her girls and I’d hoped she would come over to see me and open her present (custom made shoes from her favorite brand) and possibly spend the night with me and possibly lose some of that distance. I am thinking a bit selfishly at this point there…

I want advice… What do I do from here? I want her to know that I want her even if its not 100% right now and that she can work on herself AND be happy. I want her birthday to be special (of course), physically, sexually, psychologically, but I don’t want to force her distance away if she isn’t ready or willing to let it go for now.

Found birth control…

I’ve been dating this woman for a little over a month now. Recently I was at her place and I happen to notice that she has birth control pills (Chateal) on her nightstand. Looks like half of her supply has been used. Does this mean she hooking up with someone else? We’ve been only kissing so far but we haven’t had sex yet.