Would she be happier without me?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year and its both of our first serious relationship. We’ve been having difficulties lately, especially with the stress of both finishing our undergraduate degrees.

A month ago she broke up with me because things were too hard on her, then a week after that we talked it over. We decided to give it another shot, as neither of us felt like things were really over. I thought at that point she understood that the relationship would be work (as all are), but it seems now like she’s retreating again.

I think we have a good relationship worth working for, which can make us both happier. I want to fight for us, but I also don’t want to make it difficult for her to leave if that’s what she has to do.

I’m torn between being sensitive and considerate and letting her make up her mind on her own time, and fighting for our relationship because I still believe in it.

What should I do?

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