Will I get back together with her

I started college this year and met this girl in my course. A month later she became my girlfriend. We were together for a month and then we had a mid term break where we didn’t get to see eachother. We came back after the break and she was very distant compared to before. I spoke to her about it and we settled on giving her space as she had recently lost her grandfather. This went on for a few weeks until I started speaking to people about how long it has been. I confronted her about it and she told me she wasn’t sure what she wanted anymore. We had another very heated night where I asked her to just end things because I thought that’s what she wanted. She couldn’t do it because she still liked me. Eventually we did break but it took a lot for it to officially happen.

Since then we have both kissed other people and it’s been about a month. She is still in my friend circle but we don’t talk much at all. Is anything more with her off the table?

Should I or shouldn’t I move on from her?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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