Wife doesn’t love me.

So my wife told me last night she no longer loves me and feels bad as its nothing i have done. It started when our 2nd son was born who was 3 months premature and my wife almost died from a complication. Since then she was diagnosed with PTSD which has been hard for her. We both spent alot of time in hospital together and separetly but shes not really been able to have time to her self as we only have her family to help but they only offer when it suits them. Also as she still is breast feeding and she has just come off maternity we dont have alot of money for her or me to get away for a while. Im not sure what i can do to get her love back. I buy her flowers and treats every now and then. I clean the house and help with chores and sort the boys out. I pay her attention and give her compliments.

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