Wife and brother?

My name is…. John, My wife and our kids were.staying with my brothers family for a month and a half while our house sold and we looked for a new house…. My wife kept telling me she was uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but it would have been expensive to relocate elsewhere for the time being so to save money I disagreed…. she started having panic attacks and being extremely cruel to me while flirting with my brother (looking into his eyes just a little longer, always smiling at him, making sure she was in the kitchen cleaning everytime he arrived home. Pretending to be into cannabis and interested in how his bong worked while he was smoking it…. When offered edibles she got angry with me when I told her not to use them (we both do not use cannabis recreationally) although she agreed not to do any some cruel comments were made between the two of them in front of me when I told her I didn’t want her to smoke the cannabis my brother kept offering her. We were all three seeing at the table in the backyard while my brothers wife was sleeping outside. After my wife was pretending to be super interested in my brothers bong, I spoke up and said that I didn’t want her to have any… Then my brother said: “What are you afraid she will start running around the house?  To which my wife chimed in laughing ” yeah he is afraid I might have too much fun..” My brother and my wife both laughed together and he continued saying ” Yes, you could go around the house avoiding John smoking my J’s that I leave for you, hahahah” ….I explained that I had already been drinking and didn’t want to have to supervise my wife who may get too high and the kids  while I had already had a couple drinks… I was really offended because of the innuendo created by the two of them in front of me… My brother then offered to let her “smoke his cannabis anytime she wants because [he has] a lot of it…” I was pissed and went to the trailer… My wife followed and we had a fight about it, she said I was spoiling the night yet again because I was not having any fun, she could not recognize or even acknowledge that anything offensive had taken place, or why it made me insecure…  She threw her wedding ring and engagement ring at me and told me she had booked a flight to leave to another state with the kids…. I found out in the morning she lied and didn’t book a flight due to not having obtained negative covid tests yet…. A few days later, my brother gives his wife an edible to deliver to my wife…. I get angry because my brother won’t stop trying to get my wife high and is now using his wife to pressure her…. I have another argument with my wife and she says she wasn’t going to try it but that she just took it to be polite…. I then go to my brother and confront him. I tell him to stop offering my wife cannibis all the time and he flat out denies that he did and blames his wife for it… My wife and I go to the trailer and  have another argument about how I am lame hypocrite or whatever and ruining everything and that she’s booking a flight to leave with the kids. I text my brother at 1:30am sorry for overreacting… the next morning my brother is in the house and my sister in Law takes all the kids but the toddlers out shooting. I am still pissed off from the night before and refuse to go inside, my wife tells me that my brother made me eggs for breakfast and keeps asking her if I am going to come inside. She goes into the house and back to the trailer about 4 or 5 times to ask me if I am going to come inside, almost pleading me to go into the house because I am making things awkward. Apparently my brother asks her at least 6 times if I am going to come inside (the house) or not. After not telling my wife what I am doing other than that I just want to stay in the trailer, I eventually tell her I am not eating his breakfast or going inside this morning as I am still upset. My wife is in the house with him for a few hours… She says she is stressed about cleaning their house all the time because we are living there for free. She was Doing dishes the dishes.  I told her to forget their dishes and let them do them for once. I am after all paying my brother back for the stay.. Anyway I get pissed and decide I’m going to buy a car and get the fuck out of that house take my family and get a hotel until our house is ready… My wife finds me going to the car and asks me frantically what is going on…. I said I’m leaving and she can come if she wants… She asks but what happened, where are you going? I tell her I’m leaving right now to get a car and if she doesn’t wanna come she can stay here or whatever. She agrees to come and as we leave I notice that my sister in law isn’t home me asked my wife where she was which she replies shooting…. I end up getting a car and driving it back to my brothers. We don’t get back until later so my wife my brother and sister in law are all sitting in the backyard at the table chatting. All three of them eventually go on their phones.my brother leaves the table and goes to his room. And my wife leaves to go to the bathroom.. I m there with my sister in law… Not saying much l… After about 20 minutes my wife and brother are still gone. I go to the trailer and find my wife was having a Shower… She showered already that day first thing in the morning before going into the house. My wife never showers twice in the same day… Ever….. I look down in the bathroom and find her blue lingerie underwear covered in white liquid and wet, like a lot of it, the stuff if piled up like mayo on a subway sandwich with a big west spot surrounding it.. It cannot be normal discharge…  I realize that those are the same underwear that I washed for her yesterday and that she haven’t had sex in more than three days, she never left my sight after leaving to get a car this morning…. I don’t really put it together right there but I am starting to thinks something really bad happened between my brother and wife while I was sulking in the trailer… I test her by trying to initiate sex with her and she refuses. I asked her why she had another shower and she says annoyed  “because I don’t feel like having stuff dripping down my ass crack all night” (this is something that she frequently complains about when I cum inside her) then I ask her, “Why would you have stuff dripping down your ass crack anyway” and she doesn’t respond… I ask her “are you ok your period or something?” And she  is annoyed and says “No I just don’t want to do it and then have that stuff dripping down my ass all night is that okay? Can I just get one night  where I don’t have to do it?” I responded ,”Right, but we haven’t done it in like three days, so I don’t know why you would say that anyway…” Then she tries to deny she said anything and just gets angry with me. From this point on I play it cool to try to figure out wtf is happening. Over the next week my brother and sister in law start arguing constantly. My sister in law makes it obvious she wants us out and they start fighting a lot. We go on a double date and my. Brother downs an entire bottle of saki at the sushi restaurant and drives. Gets in an argument with my sister in law and almost kills all of us in the process by driving erratically on the highway. After a week of playing it cool to see wtf is going on, I decide fuck this and ditch the car which is in the shop, get a rental car and drive it out of state so to leave my brother’s house. I straightup ask wtf to my wife and she threatens to leave me for accusing her of infidelity with my brother… I say that I am not accusing but asking wtf is going on. She breaks down and starts saying that “all you want is for me to be this disgusting person that she’s not, but if you want me to admit it fine I am disgusting okay, and sleep around with everybody even your brother okay, is that what you want to hear?”. Was she actually confessing what she has done? I think she has bpd like her mother… I go back to the house today to pickup the title and car. My sister in law asks me why we left so suddenly… I dodge the question and she says that my wife is just really young and inexperienced , she hasn’t travelled much before…gives me a bag of laundry that we forgot in the trailer… It is the same shit she was wearing the day she had mayo explosion in her underwear except that the underwear was missing… And there is some tacky little girl clothes in the bag. Please advise.

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