I am a 23 year old guy, I am told by my girl-friends I am good looking, I keep fit and I have a fairly decent job, my ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 years ago and since her I haven’t been with anyone. I have tried, I have no affection for her anymore, that isn’t what is standing in the way, I have met girls who I am interested in, however, it seems I just can’t get a date with anyone, I have come close, however they always call it off at the last second, things go well, we text a lot etc, then suddenly, no texts, and then I text to confirm the date and I get back a one liner saying they don’t want to anymore or that they just ignore me, what is going on? I don’t go out that often as all of my friends are in relationships and are frankly, boring, but every time I do it seems I meet someone and get their number, but it NEVER comes to anything? Why can’t I seem to find someone and even get a first date?

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  1. Relax and don’t stop trying. Just don’t be too intense at first. Relationships are a dance… if you move toward them, they may move back. If you move back, they may move toward you. Sometimes, the best way to get her to come to you is to not be too eager and go to her.

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