I am a 23 year old guy, I am told by my girl-friends I am good looking, I keep fit and I have a fairly decent job, my ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 years ago and since her I haven’t been with anyone. I have tried, I have no affection for her anymore, that isn’t what is standing in the way, I have met girls who I am interested in, however, it seems I just can’t get a date with anyone, I have come close, however they always call it off at the last second, things go well, we text a lot etc, then suddenly, no texts, and then I text to confirm the date and I get back a one liner saying they don’t want to anymore or that they just ignore me, what is going on? I don’t go out that often as all of my friends are in relationships and are frankly, boring, but every time I do it seems I meet someone and get their number, but it NEVER comes to anything? Why can’t I seem to find someone and even get a first date?