Why is my girlfriend isn’t intimate enough?

So I met her 3 months ago on hinge and we started dating. Already from the start we discovered the logistical problem with me living on the other end of the country of her, but since I am 23 and still a virgin and not the kind of guy with a lot of options I decided to give it a go. I am very invested into making this work and this is by far the relationship which has had the best result out the past encounters (to illustrate how my relationships usually go one of them was “busy with her volleyball training” every single weekend so I took a day off from work to see her she wasn’t working or going to school or anything except for thursdays). We have kissed we are holding hands and she says that she loves me. It just feels a little – I dont know how to put it – fake. It feels like I need to do a lot of chasing for a little bit in return. It’s like I see sometimes there is a girl with a shirt that shows her stomach and tight jeans and some guy (probably her boyfriend) walks up from behind her and grabs his arms around her waist and shes like.

“Hihi oh you *kiss*”

I want more like that. She doesnt seem to be too receptable to my advances. Is there a way that I can improve this and take responsibility and action?

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