Why is my a Guy Bestfriend not talking to me?

Last year me and this guy started getting really close as we had the same class. Ironically we did not like each other AT ALL due to bad first impressions but we started to grow on each other with him reaching out to me., texting me 24/7, calling me all the time and we would talk for hours about our futures together as we have the same goals together and its been like that for a long time. He would literally walk me home so we could just talk more, and we got so close he would text me about him having depression because he trusted me the most and we would flirt on occasion usually with him calling me cutie and saving my images he liked on his phone (I even saw he had a baby photo of me on his phone). But suddenly, a few weeks ago I would message him first but I never had a problem with that as he always texted me first (I just didn’t want to bother him or seem needy), and I had gotten into my dream university and he was telling me how proud he was etc. But then there was nothing said after. We just stopped communicating. I asked if he was okay (as he goes MIA when he’s going through stuff) and he said he’s fine. Another 2 weeks goes by and I ask his closest friend and he said he doesn’t know what’s up with him as they facetimed a few days ago and they are clearly talking. I had messaged him again and asked why he’s not talking to me and he said “nothing to say” and I just left it. A hour later he texted me saying “just saying we are cool, like we are good” and I just gave the thumbs up emoji. But I just don’t understand why he’s not talking to me? He’s very selective with the friends he has and Im the only girl friend he has as he doesn’t really do friendships with girls that much. Why I he not talking to me? And I realised I started to have feelings for him but I just never really said anything because some days he would act like he likes me and some days I would be a bit confused.

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