Why is he ignoring me which he never did before?

I fell in love with my physics teacher. We met approximately 2 years ago. I used to go to his house along with 3 other girls. At that time, he treated me really differently, such as – he used to ask me questions about my personal life, he showed interest in what I like and what i don’t like, several times I found him staring at me and he took his eyes off me when he found out he has been noticed etc. It was quite clear that he fell for me. And same goes for me. I also liked him. But as time went by, my feelings got intense and to hide the fact that I like him, I started to ignore him. I stopped making eye contact with him which I did a lot before. Now it’s been around 5 months, I notice, he is also ignoring me in class. In my class, there are around 60 students. he make fun with girls who sit around me, joke with them but he acts as if he can’t see me. he doesn’t make any eye contact even if I try. when I ask him any questions regarding my studies, he answers it but never look in my eyes and even if he looks, he takes his eye off me immediately. I am afraid if his feelings for me has gone. He just totally ignore me and acts as if he can’t even see me. Why is he acting like that?

One thought on “Why is he ignoring me which he never did before?

  1. I do think he still has feelings but the fact that you ignored him may be made him also act that way. Besides as a teacher he should be certain before doing any real move. Just give it some time showing him that you are open to get to know each other.

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