Why does ex keep in touch with family But has yet to apologize

My ex boyfriend and I broke up last month caused by a really huge fight over something he said over social media , I confronted him about his post he begin to grow angry and yell I’m not his mother he can post what he wants , I started yelling back he became angry and walked up to me and Begin choking me. Someone must have overheard and the police were called , he ended up getting arrested because their were clear signs that he had put his hands on me , 3 days after he came home from jail he contacted me and begin to cause an argument over text about a guy I know from school , who’s just a friend I replied back being stupid giving into his argument and he stopped responding , I haven’t heard from him since which has been 3 weeks ago , we’ve been together for six years , I’m just really hurt that he wouldn’t even at least apologize for how he treated me , since then he has deleted social media , two weeks ago he moved into his new apartment and he called my mom to let her know which is strange because we haven’t talked since , I Haven’t told my mom what exactly happened , he keeps inviting my brothers over to his new place, I don’t understand why he’s trying to be close with my family after what he’s done. im completely done with him I feel as if he’s playing mind games and i want nothing to do with him, why does he still try to be close with my family after he hurt me

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