Hello everyone! I am writing about my girlfriend who is 19 (I am 20). I met her online through a dating website. We’ve been together for about 2 years and she honestly makes me the happiest guy on earth. We honestly believe we are each others soulmate. I never really liked tattoos on women before her, but I had made an exception for her. She has about 11 tattoos (some on her chest, legs, and arms). None of them bother me (I’m super attracted to her, I think she’s the sexiest thing alive) but from time to time I just wish I would’ve been able to see her without any ink on her skin at least once. This is something that rarely pops into my mind. What should I do? I already confronted her about this, and I’m a ashamed of myself for being like this. Leaving her isn’t an option, she’s just too good to me. This is just one of those thoughts where you wish you can just yank out of your head.