Why Can I Not Hold A Relationship?

It’s a little hard to explain in a sentence or anything google-able, so thank you for this great opportunity.

I want a girlfriend pretty badly…I’ve been in a couple relationships before that have each come to a close because I had to move away. So now I’m just constantly seeing people that I would love to be in a relationship with, but to the few whom I get to be with, I get a sort of butterflies in my stomach. And not really I good kind. I feel like these relationships aren’t for me and I get some sort of shyness to where I can’t do anything for the other person.

So all these flings just come to a close. I hope I made sense…it’s just the moment I get to be in a relationship suddenly instead of love I feel fear. Not because of an abusive partner or anything…I just…I don’t know.

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