What the fuck am I supposed to do??

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What the fuck am I supposed to do??

(Ok so I’m 17 and he’s 16.) Ok so I had a strong thing going with this guy and we talked on the phone almost every night for hours and he acted obsessed with me and we were both really flirty and he said he wanted to ask me out and also go to prom with me and we hung out and made out in the car and he wanted to meet my mom so he did when we got to my house. Then, this kid stops talking to me almost completely and doesn’t give me any explanation and I wasn’t mad, but just kind of upset and felt stupid. He texted me and was super nice and said sorry for “being mean and ignoring you” and said he just isn’t ready for a relationship. We talked about random funny things and life and said we were friends and so I asked him to hangout and he said sure maybe so I took that as a no and didn’t respond. He then texted me again a few days later and said he had a great time when we hung out and that I just live too far away. But I still like him and I’m horny af all the mother ducking time so I just want a friends with benefits relationship with him and idk how to bring that up/ask him or if this is even a good idea??


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just offer it. The guy will be blown away.
    I was in a similar situation where the guy was kind of shy and after one date I didn’t know if he’d even kiss me. He finally did. He messed up the time in the second date and kinda ghosted. A few weeks later, I decided to send him a message “idk if you’re trying to ghost, but just wanted to offer a FWB situation. If not interested, just keep ghosting 👻 ”
    He was hooked. More than friends hooked but I was no longer interested in anything more than fwb.
    Go for it if you want it. Worst case is you’re just in the same situation as you already are…but it’ll probably be one of the sexiest propositions he’s ever received

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