What should I do with my crush

So I have a good friend in my office who I really like (she’s a female, I’m a male) and I know she doesn’t want relationship with me because we are working together and will keep working together for at least a year(and there’s the idea that she just may not be attracted to me).
So I cant confess to her because there’s a high chance that it will ruin the dynamic of my team (and our relationship but that is something I don’t care to risk)
I think about her most of the day(and also see her because we are sitting next to each other)
I know I’m not at the top of her priority because well, we are just friends and she doesn’t see me more than that.
I really don’t know what to do, how to talk to her and every time were talking I’m not sure if I should be more enthusiastic or more apathetic, Should I really get into conversations with her on the phone?(mostly texts) or Should I just answer plain answers.
I know the fact that I meet another girl can help me but I cant think about the fact that I will be with another girl when most of the day I think about her(and also there’s the fact that I’m just to shy and have low-self esteem to ask a girl at the bar or something)

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