What now?

I am a 41 year old man who’s 19 year relationship just ended. My wife lost her 4 year battle with cancer.   She died 2 only months.

Since she passed away several of my friends (women) have been treating me very differently, they seem interested in a romantic/physical relationship, 2 of the bolder ones have come right out and asked me out already.

The woman I am most interested in asking out has been a long time friend.  I really feel like we would be a good match.  But I was going to wait several months before asking her out, seams weird asking someone out so soon.

I haven’t accept any of the offers from the first 2 woman, because I don’t want to mess-up what could be with this woman.   Telling them I am not ready.

Should I tell these 2 woman why I said no, or does that just make me look like a jerk?

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