What is he looking for

I had a crush on him over a year ago, at first he rejected me to be with his own crush but after they broke up we started dating. His dad died and he couldn’t come to the university for that semester but I was by his side, we dated for 3 months then his friends threw him a birthday party and invited his ex’s best friend so I didn’t go and we broke up. It’s been 8 months and now he’s back at the university. The first month I tried ignoring him but all my friends would say he’s staring at me, this went for about a month he even said hi to me once to which I responded coldly, but after a while I went to him to talk. At first he was so glad telling me he wanted us to be on friendly terms but one night I told him what he thinks of us getting back together to which he responded fiercely negative and said it’s best we stayed friends and I agreed eventhough I didn’t see his last reply and deleted his chats. The very next day I greeted him but he responded very coldly and he hasn’t been even looking at me since then and I haven’t greeted him after that and he acts as if I don’t exist anymore.
So what do you think? After all that heavy starings and saying that he wants to be friends, what happened??

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