What do I do with my situation?

Hi, I am currently a student at high school right now. I have been struggling with boy and social life issues ever since the start. Last year when I first started high schoo,a boy who is 2 grades older than me started to talk to me. He noticed me at a party and from there he kept texting me and making it seem like he liked me. Of course, being younger and immature I feel for him and started to develop feelings that I didn’t know were going to last. He would make me feel wanted, we would hang out and he even brought me out to an expensive dinner. Throughout this whole “relationship” there were always red flags, he initially stopped talking to me to talk to this girl he previously liked before me. I was upset but then he came back to me. Of course I forgave him and he kept treating me special. But, keep in mind he never actually ever talked to me in person during school or parties. He would only say hi in the school hallways and continue to text me a lot. I began to get sad because of his actions because he would keep doing things with other girls. When summer came around I hooked up with this friend, thinking if he got mad that would mean he liked me and he careful of course he did get mad but I also found out he was Hooking up with other people to. Also, keep in mind the whole time we were “talking” I was never really myself around him, but that didn’t seem to bother him from having interest. I did notice though that once he noticed I wasn’t myself he began to treat me different and would start to only hang out with me to hook up. So after what I just explained In the summer with the booking up issues we ended it. I was mad at him and he told me “maybe it would work our later in high school but I need to grow up” this was the past summer and we started talking around st Patrick’s Day last year. Ever since, this whole year I’ve been sad about him. I let him control my mood and I always wonder if he still likes me or how he thinks of me. Ever since things ended he would occasionally hit me up but we never actually hung out again. Starting this year we were on and off, he had new girls but would always somehow come back to texting me. I think this is what truly makes me sad because I always get my hopes up and tell myself he still does want me. I really like him but I don’t think he knows that. Recently he has hit me up and we Hooked up 2 times recently late at night. But I now know he just thinks of me as someone he can use. So my question is what do I do? I want to tell him how I feel but I don’t want him to think I’m obsessed w him because what we had was a year ago. I do notice he still stares at me at social events like he wants something but still hooks up with other girls. How do you think he feels and what should I do to get that closure I need. It takes up my mood and I felt my happiness on him and I don’t want that. Also, I’ve been making bad reputations on myself recently, hooking up with other people. But every person I hook up with is not the same as him, it always traces back to him and I always want to text him. My friends and parents have noticed I’m sad and I know this boy is the main cause. Please give me answers. Thanks you

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