What do I do ?

My girlfriend broke up with me because she said she needs space and time to figure out what she wants. She has a lot going on with school , work and family problems at home. She says she still has feelings and loves me but is stressed and doesn’t know how to feel. I feel like you look to the person you love through rough times like these.

One thought on “What do I do ?

  1. I wound give her space but also tell her how it makes you feel. If you love her I would let her know that you’re here for her and that if she’s going through something that she should talk to her about it, not push you away. just don’t say it in a way that makes it seem like you just want her back, and not because you’re there for her. If she doesn’t come back then back off, but if she does be ready to reach out, listen to her, support her, and love her. She’ll still be going through all that stuff if you get back together, so you’ll have to keep your promise and help her through it.

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