What can possibly be going through his head?

My child’s father & I fought 2 years ago. We forgave each other almost 2 weeks after the fight & decided to move pass that. However, once we weren’t in each other face anymore, he changed his mind. I’m ASSUMING it had something to do with his girlfriend whom he lives with because she was upset that we agreed to squash our beef & Just because every time we talk to each other, he always seems to want to be on the same page as me, and we can actually converse. When she’s around, anytime I ask him a question regarding our child, he’s annoyed with me & gives me one word answers, etc. It’s just so weird and annoying that he does this. Anywho, it’s been 2 years since we’ve spoken. (Right before our kids 1st birthday). Our kid is about to be 3 years old. He hasn’t seen our kid or even tried. His family sees our kid from time to time but they don’t speak to the kid. I just found out that his thing is that I’m keeping our kid away and WONT allow him to see our kid. Which obviously is so untrue. I can’t keep a kid away from someone who doesn’t ask for or about that kid. My number had never changed and he knows it by heart. Also, the family is saying the same thing & they don’t even SPEAK when they see him in public. It’s heartbreaking. Every time. But, we just keep walking and I act as if it doesn’t bother be, but every time I say next time it happens imma go off, but I never can do it. Anywho, he now has another kid to the girl he’s been dating and still he has not reached out to his first kid. Not to mention they live 15 minutes away. I don’t understand & I wouldn’t dare call or text him because I feel like I shouldn’t have to chase him. I’m the one with the kid, if he wants to be involved, he’d contact us.
Also, when we were together, I was like a trophy. He posted pics of me on his social media pages, etc. He was obsessed with me & even that turned me off, lol. I thought it was too much. The girls he’s with now and now has a kid with, he’s been with her since my pregnancy when I broke up with him. She complains about why he doesn’t post her & he feeds her bullshit. He’s never posted her all of these years and now that they have a kid, he hasn’t even posted the kid. (I know, because I’m curious. I look at his page sometimes.) when I found out he had another kid, I went to his page and he still hasn’t posted the kid, instead he posted OUR kid as if he misses our kid. But, he still hasn’t reached out. I’m too hurt. But, I’ll probably never let him know. He’d probably laugh at me. Him & her. I have no idea what may be going through his head or what he may possibly be going through or if he just regrets is ever having a kid or whatever. I just want your opinions or what you think of the situation. Kinda for entertainment. More so because I’m kinda desperate and feeling bad for our kid.

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