Well, she’s leaving.

My gal of 25 years, has decided that she’s leaving to “Find herself”, this was brought to my attention a few nights ago, she has decided to leave everything behind with the exception of her electronic devices and clothing, she isn’t going far, but said she’s not sure what she’s doing either. I responded yesterday by telling her it was over for my own protection, I didn’t want her to “Find herself” with someone else in the future with me hanging on. This was after I’d ridden her to get a job since she’s only worked a few months in the last 8 years, she promised me when I bought a house that I wouldn’t face the burden alone, after three years, she’s working, and after her first paycheck, has decided she’s leaving because I belittle her and abuse her because she wasn’t working (amongst other things). She said we don’t do enough together, but I’m always tired from overtime, and broke from paying the bills. She got very argumentative when I told her it was over, saying she knew I’d be in bed with someone else within a week of her leaving. Please advise, I don’t want her to go, I know I can’t make her stay, but we’ve been together forever, and I’m pretty lost without her myself.

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