Weirdest friendzone I have ever encountered

So a few months ago, I met this guy on Tinder and he immediately ticked all the boxes. He is smart sweet and we share the same twisted sense of humour.

We went on a few dates and everything went well… Except that he didn’t ever make a move. (Note we share a lot of similarities including crippling social anxiety) After about 4 months, I asked him about this and he ended up confessing that he had to go for a major life-threatening surgery soon and that he didn’t want to put me through that. I understood and we agreed to be friends until he was stabilized. I supported him throughout the surgery and rehab and we started becoming best friends. Our friendship progressed to a point where we could not go a week without seeing each other.

Once he was mostly healed, I asked again about the possibility of a relationship and he noted that he appeciated our friendship too much and did not want anything to change. I accepted it and fully committed myself to being his friend. I stopped any inappropriate advances from my side and made a whole mind shift to not push any boundaries.

The main problem now is that he is the oneone pushing boundaries. He keeps making small advances (putting his hand on my leg, insisting that I sleep with him in bed when I stay over etc) and basically treats me as if I am his girlfriend without actually giving any of the perks. He also seems to get jealous when I mention other guys.

I really care for him and have never met anybody I get along with so well, but I can’t properly move on if it continues like this. I don’t want to lose him as my friend so I am scared to talk to him about this.

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