We want to date, but we’re not yet. When’s the right time?

So I have this really good friend that I’m interested in, let’s call him Dawn. I know it sounds ridiculously stupid, and we haven’t known each other for that long, but I swear we’re soulmates or something, either as partners or best friends. We’re attracted to each other, and the chemistry is definitely there, but we’re holding off on dating because he had this friend a couple months ago that he had feelings for. He thought it was going really well and everything but suddenly that friend ghosted him and that was that. He still doesn’t know what went wrong or what happened, and since he doesn’t have any closure, he fears that his judgment is being clouded with me and wants to wait so he’s being fair to me. Which I totally understand and respect and really appreciate. We love a mature man. My initial response was that I understand and that I’d support him no matter what because I’m his friend that cares about him, which I still and will always stand by, but this is just really hard for me because I really do care about him and want to be with him. :/ Any advice? We’re both adults, but I’ve never actually dated anybody before lol. I’ve never met anybody like him before. Also when do I directly address our relationship again? I don’t want to seem pushy or pressure him, but at the same time I just, ya know? I just want to be with him. He’s my sun, my dawn.

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