We fight but never resolve anything

My fiancé who I’ve been with for 7 years just told me that she wished she had just killed herself back in October and then I wouldn’t have had to propose or buy a ring. Every time we fight she tells me she doesn’t want to be on this earth anymore. She constantly tells me she is done with me. She belittles and makes me feel so small and stupid. I love her and I care about her so much but I don’t know what to do. This isn’t something new. We’ve had blowups once every few months for the past 6 years.  What do I do?

One thought on “We fight but never resolve anything

  1. To start, I’m sorry that your partner is connecting her suicidalality to your relationship – that can’t be easy to hear on a regular basis. The thing that is most concerning here is her degrading your relationship by saying that she is willing to drop it at any time, and her putting you down verbally. You should encourage her to seek therapy for her apparent depression, and couples therapy to improve your communicative skills as a couple. And while I get that six years is hard to just put down, you need to seriously consider what your plan is if she says no to seeking help, because you are not responsible for her mental health and you do not deserve to be belittled on a regular basis. Relationships are a two way street, and if she isn’t willing to do the work to help you save your relationship, it might be time to move on.

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