Want to break up

Sooooo, I am 27 and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years. We got together after I ended an 8 year relationship (middle school sweetheart). Like RIGHT AFTER. So I’ve never really been single. The whole thing was a whirlwind romance for me and I love him very much. However, we have had lots of ups and downs, he’s an alcoholic, and can be controlling at times. When he gets drunk on occasion he will  say really hateful things to me that I just brush off. Since our last big fight (a month ago), I have been contemplating breaking up with him and it gets stronger everyday. My problem is that I live with him and I don’t even know how to break up with someone, especially since we’ve not had any major issues since that night. My family and friends tell me to break up with him too. He has moved his life from a bigger town in my state to my smaller town and has a steady job here. How can I go about this? He is also the type who will say he’s going to kill himself (or talk about not wanting to live anymore) frequently when we get in arguments, I’m so confused and lost. Idk how to leave. I’ve been living in a constant state of anxiety since I’ve wanted to break up with him.

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