I recently met a guy, within the last 6 weeks. He’s an employee at a gun range I go to. I got the vibe he was in to me and he was super flirty the first time I met him. Now it’s about every other time we see each other he flirts. I usually see him 1-3 times a week. Whether he flirts or not, he does make it a point to acknowledge me and talk to me. Regardless of how busy he is, he always says something even if its “Hey you’re here. Awesome!” He always remembers what I prefer to shoot and knows how many rounds I use on a normal day. He remembers and brings up details from our past conversations, and noticed (and commented on) my new wallet. On top of that, he winks at me at least once every time were together. He has a habit of ignoring other customers for me as well. But I feel like it seems hes a little hot and cold, since he doesn’t consistently flirt. Yesterday he and his coworker were discussing someone, that has the same job I do. I didnt hear a name but I heard them talking about how “she works in a daycare” which is basically what I do (he knows this). Obviously I assumed he was talking about me but didnt say anything. his attitude about that kinda put me off regardless of who he was talking about. Then, he did not flirt back once. He did wink before I left though. Last month I invited him to hang out but there was ana event at the range and he was scheduled to work it so he said no. But he made no attempts to hang out at a better time. I’m unsure of what to think. He hasn’t asked for my number or returned Facebook messages (only sent one.) Should I back off? I dont know how to proceed.

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