Unsure what to do

I’ve been talking with a girl for several months now. We share common interests and enjoy each other’s company. However today I found out some revealing info via a mutual friend. To sum it up, she may have been simply fooling around or not serious this whole time, while I have fallen for her. I have not confronted her yet but am unsure what to do.

One thought on “Unsure what to do

  1. If she has just been fooling around this whole time then she’s not worth it, it’s toxic to toy with someone’s emotions. I would suggest just telling her that you like her (don’t say how much or anything yet) and see what she says, if she doesn’t like you back and she was just playing you this whole time, cut her off, if she likes you back and wants to talk about maybe being more than friends then yay, that’s a good thing and take it from there!

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