Unnecessary breakup

so i’ve been busy for a month due to our family business, and i’ve also been saving money for our anniversary this october, but then, things aren’t going well because me and my girlfriend haven’t been chatting that much, i’ve been waiting for her to wake up everyday just to chat her, have time with her in the morning before i get out of my bed, but my messages have been muted by her, that i was waiting for her to reply, but she’s just active, so i let it pass, but then she got addicted to a mobile game, that we both play everyday, so i’m trying my best to play with her even when i’m busy,i tried faking a fever on my family just to play with her the whole day, but i’ve been working nonstop here in our business because my family offered me to give me money, so i took the offer so that i can celebrate our anniversary with the ring my gf wants for awhile now. But things didn’t go so well, she got mad at me because i said that i have a slow network, that i can’t play with her since i don’t wanna ruin the game that we’re playing, she got so mad that she even decided that we breakup on chat, so i tried explaining her that i’m not even lying on my connection, that it’s not that i don’t wanna play with her, it’s just i only have slow network, that i dont wanna ruin her game, then she didn’t messaged me for 3 days, i’ve lost hope because i’m also facing problems here in our business, so it pretty much stressed me out for a week that i didn’t know what to do with my problems. Last saturday, she invited me for a game, then i accepted it, then i’m confused because she was so serious about breaking up, then she invited me for a game like nothing is happening, after we played a game, i messaged her, that i’m asking for her to enlighten me if we’re still together or not, she then ignored me until yesterday, so i’ve gotten impatient that i went to her house, then i gave her the items that she gave me during our relationship then i went back home. She then messaged me that i did the breakup, she’s even mad at me, but i was not informed or messaged before yesterday that we didn’t really broke up, so i told her that “you should’ve told me earlier, instead of giving me silent treatment for days.”, i know it’s my fault because i’ve gotten really busy that my time for her decreases as time goes by, i tried explaining her that i’m planning for our anniversary that’s why ive been busy, but she just doesn’t even care about my reasons, even when i faked on having a fever just to spend the whole day with her, and i’m also trying to spend time with her on her house every month even if it’s dangerous because of the virus, so it kinda felt rushed on ending our relationship that we didn’t even have a proper communication about the problem, she seemed to ignore my reasons everytime i explain it to her, that i’m not doing a solution on my problems, yes, it is my fault, i just wish she’s patient with me, and i want her back

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