Two sixteen year olds and a promise ring??

So basically, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is about to give me a promise ring. The only thing is that we’re sixteen and I don’t know if we’re both too young for something like that. We’ve been dating for over a year and we’ve talked about the future many times and I love him so so much. I understand how promise rings work and such, I guess I’m just afraid of how my family and friends will react. Am I overthinking the family part? Are we too young to do it?

One thought on “Two sixteen year olds and a promise ring??

  1. I am also 16. But I’ve got to experience too much for my age through psychological books and the incidents happened with people around me. I know you feel like you love him so much which can’t be broken so easily. But you dated him just one year which is a very short time to know someone properly. Soon there might come a time when you ‘ll feel he’s just not right for you and trust me it is very common in such early relationships. So it’d be better if you don’t go overboard within such short period of time. But if you feel like he is just the right one for you and he also feels the same, then it isn’t necessary to think what other think about you, just follow your heart. Cause, afterall, the life is yours; not your friends’ or family’. So the choice is also upto you. Hope that helps you:)

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