Trying to get back with an old girlfriend

Me and my past girlfriend dated for around two and a half years during high school. We broke up near the end of high school as we started constantly fighting for around 2 months and just couldn’t figure it out. We both had very different mindsets which could explain why, the things we fought about were very stupid. She also mentioned to me that she was so dependent on me before we broke up that she needed time to love herself again. After the breakup I wasn’t the smartest and always kept texting her trying to stay in contact and she ended up blocking me. I thought I was over her but I just got distracted with other women and she got distracted with other men. With that being said she never even went through my head untill I got a notification saying she followed me, I checked and she unfollowed right away. And me being my petty self I did the exact same thing, follow and unfollow and I ended up getting blocked again. Ever since that day she has been going through my head and about a week ago she unblocked me and Im not too sure what to do this time, I just want a second chance we were so close my family loved her and vice versa she is someone very special to me. P.S we havn’t talked in around 8 months.

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