Trying to figure out what this (look) means


I am new to this site but really happy to discover that it maybe perfect for my somewhat odd question. So, basically I am the type who don’t really pay much attention to others when out doing business or shopping etc, unless bumping into someone I actually know. There would be times, that I notice both men and women for the way they dress or look, would acknowledge it and go about my day. In some instances, if I am the one being the object of someone’s gaze, usually smile or nod, or look away….depending on how that person had looked at me. But, was shopping recently and stood looking at an item on sale, facing away from the store and speaking to another person. When this guy passed by and was looking at me, I glanced at him as he passed my line of sight; only the weirdest thing happened as I turned my attention to the person who was with me, I felt drawn again to look at this individual who had now passed by and was still looking at me, like turning backwards, walking away. I blushed without meaning to do so. But, he wasn’t smiling or even looking as a friendly person would. What did this look mean? (I felt intimidated) Certain that we had never met before.


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