trouble deciding

At school, there are these two girls that are really close friends. The first girl, let’s call her Jessica, I met through mutual friends and a few classes we had together. We started talking and we became really great friends really fast. Surprise surprise, I caught feelings (pretty early on actually). Jessica had crushes on a few of my friends and some other people from outside of school, potentially me at some point but that ship has long since sailed. Right now, we’re basically best friends and we talk on the daily. Before anyone makes assumptions that she likes me and has been hiding it, trust me, she doesn’t.

Months later and I’m still really into her, but I started talking to one of her friends who turned out to be a really nice person too. We’ll call her Samantha. Samantha started showing signs of liking me. Making efforts to talk to me, texting me out of the blue, saying hello to me in the hallways at school, laughing at my jokes etc. Although Jessica is still by far my closer friend of the two, I still really think Samantha is a great person. Only problem is, my feelings for Jessica haven’t faded and I think they’re standing in the way of having something with Samantha.

I’m not really sure what I should do, or how to do it. Do I make an effort to get over my feelings for Jessica, do I stay put and let my feelings develop however they turn out developing? And if option A is the way to go, how should I go about trying to stop having feelings for her?

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