Toxic crush or not?

So about 4 years back, there was a guy in my class who I really ended up liking. He was just my kind of guy, and we instantly hit it off. I wanted to know everything about him and he wanted to know  everything about me. Then one fine day, he asked me out and I just blanked out because I was scared to get into a relationship. He would always be around me, constantly protecting me from other guys and stuff. He was just really sweet. Then one fine day I came to know that a friend of mine had a crush on him. So he asked me, if it was okay for him to date her. I was mad, and jealous but I played along and asked him to go ahead.

Then things started to go all downhill from then. His girlfriend obviously hated me because all he would ever do was talk about me. She and I would often get into fights and stuff but he would never interfere. Then we reached a point when he actually started supporting her just because she hated me. They would gang up on me together. It was hell.

He still would talk to me sometimes, I’d often catch him staring at me. He would give me that ‘ I love you’ look.


Days went on anyways and we grew further apart. There was a lot of gossip about the two doing dirty stuff around school. His girlfriend once told me that he got really abusive and he would hit her if she didn’t do what he asked her to do… sexually.

I was extremely shocked because he was the nicest guy I had ever known… and for him to transform into this monster… it’s pained me. Days came when we would often bump into eachother in the hallways and he would just stare at me intensely or just pass a very rude comment. I started to despise him but I also still had a soft spot for him that would let him get away with anything he did.

After all this time, he has finally opened social media accounts and I woke up to a friend request this morning.

I really still like that old version of him, but I don’t know if what he feels for me is hatred or revenge. I don’t know if I should accept his request because I don’t want to be stuck up on him but I also don’t want to lose out on a chance to know him better like I had all those years back.


Please, tell me what I should do.

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