Time for a divorce?

Me and my wife have been together 6 years. I recently met another woman through work. Nothing has happened between me and the new girl other than talking at work. I have found myself head over heels for her. Now when kissing my wife and make love to her I imagine the new girl. I do love my wife we have had our ups and downs but I do love her, at the same time I often feel like my wife has fallen out of love with me.


One thought on “Time for a divorce?

  1. Talk to your wife about the falling out of love you feel she has done with you. Perhaps this is only in your head. Don’t change your legacy over something you don’t know for sure. This other girl is only glorified because you haven’t seen the real her. The her that takes smelly shits and yells at you when she’s on her period. All marriages have ups and downs. Seek help if you can’t afford it buy books about reconnecting but don’t throw your life away over a fantasy.

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