Thoughts on talking to my long time friend’s, who I talked to heavily to, closest cousin?

Let’s call my friend Karly. Karly and I talked heavily for 6 months, during which we had numerous cuddling nights, and hooked up one, but no sex. She finally decided against furthering the relationship because of her personal life and felt she couldn’t give me the relationship I’m looking (window not closed). After being told that, I told her we could no longer text like we were, or even hang out because I didn’t want keep getting my hopes up. She thought the not hanging out part was unfair to her, and after a couple days of thinking i decided against it.  We still hang out, and text ever-so-often. In fact she even cuts my hair. I still like her, but nowhere near the amount as before. She may still even have some feelings as well.

Now I see her cousin just about every week, and not in a hanging out way, but just small interactions here and there. Through these interactions, what i see on snap, and from what Karly’s told me about here, i think she pretty freaking cool. I would like to get to know her some more, but i overthink everything due to my anxiety, which is why i am asking strangers for their input.

Should I talk to Karly? Just attempt to talk to her cousin without telling Karly? Or move on and let things be?

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