So im a 22 year old girl i dont really have any dating experience my family has tried to set me up with a few guys but they didnt ever go very far… but recently my cousin set me up to meet with a guy that he worked for so i ended up going to hang out with him he was really sweet and almost seemed to good to be true since that “date” we exchanged #s and he sent me a message that night after i got home i didnt hear from him for a few days so i texted him (although he took a whole day to replie) we texted each other couple a times he said something funny so i replied  “lol” and i didnt hear back from him then i was told a couple of days later by my cousin who set us up that the guy told him that i ghosted him 🤷‍♂️ so i was so confused so i texted back apologizing for not texting back even though i was confused at what i did wrong fast forward a week later he finally text me back claiming his phone was screwed up so i told him it was alright and we texted back and forth a few times i pretty much knew he was lying about his phone cause well im not stupid but i played along only to find out the next day that he told my cousin that he wasn’t going to text me back for a week to get “back” at me for ghosting him  and im like whhhat i honestly dont even understand whats going though this guys head anymore i dont no if hes worth talking to anymore should i stop talking to him or can someone please explain to me what im doing wrong

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