I am a girl. There’s this guy I really like but he has a girlfriend. We talked for months but i never had time to hangout with him. We got into a really big fight but he came back. UNfortunately by the time he was back he told me he was talking to someone but still wanted to talk to me lowkey. Him and that girl are now dating. We havent spoken in a month and a half and I give him no attention at school. The other day he started “fake typing” to me on snapchat (basically when you pretend to type but dont actually send anything) to get my attention and i didnt react so a few hours later that night, he snapped me. I was already asleep and didnt see it till the morning. I snapped him after school the next day and he replied but left me on read after a couple of snaps. Same thing happened the next day. The day after that i sent him a very pretty snap as I was all done up getting ready for a party. He replayed it and a couple minutes later blocked me… Why does he keep playing games with me? Why was he trying to get my attention to begin with? He did this before but came back, will he be back again? oh and also today was the first day I saw him since the whole block on snapchat and he maintained eye contact but i looked away.

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