There is this guy

Sorry  if my english is a bit bad, its not my primary language.

Hi, I feel so silly doing this. But what the heck, im quite desperate. So,… there is this guy. I “know” him for quite some time now. He works at the local cinema. I have a massive crush on him. There is just something about him that I can not describe with words. Its just his eyes, and the way he talks and laughs. But the thing is, for the love of god I can not figure it out if he is gay or not. Usually that is never the issue for me, but with him its just impossible and I dont wanna make any moves until I am sure. I do not wanna make things awkward. I do not wanna fuck things up. So im open to any suggestions anyone might have. Because I cant get him out of my head. He just feels so right. Again, its hard to describe the things I feel with words.

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