The one who got away…

I first noticed you across the room when I caught you staring at me like you wanted to learn how real men please their women. You were in luck because not only was I in an open relationship, I also had a desire to explore the depth of your body. I wanted to make you fall in love with me after one amazing evening of mind boggling sex. I knew you wanted me because you were staring at my pants, and you looked bored with your friends. You had some girly drink in your hand and I figured: what the fuck else am I doing? So I slowly creeped over once you turned your back to me. I walked up to you and grabbed your waist and pulled your closer and whispered in your ear that we should have some fun tonight. You gasped in surprise and pushed into me a little. I knew it was on. You lead the way to the back of the bar and grabbed my shirt collar to steal a kiss, little did you know what I had in plan for you only a few hours later.

We went back to my apartment, the whole ride home consisted of us conspiring how we were going to fuck and not get caught by your fiance. Once I unlocked the door you tore off my belt and started giving me better head than my current lover. I was ready to slip into you but you wanted me to wear a condom. A little bit of fingering later and I was inside of your dripping wet pussy and you were almost there. You pulled my hips closer and we both came together, you started crying and left. My girlfriend walked in from the other room and wondered why you left without welcoming her. You didn’t give me your number and I couldn’t leave her alone. The end. lol.

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