The one that’s getting away

So theres a girl ive been basically in love with for over a year now, we met through work but until now she has been in a relationship with someone.

Also, her relationship has been on the rocks since i met her. She would always tell me she doesn’t see it lasting, im gonna break up with him etc.

We’ve had chemistry since we met and theres always looks and things said (by us both) that were always hinting at the fact that theres something there and she may be entertaining the idea of something happening between us.

We get together and see each other frequently for breakfast/lunch dates, and the vibe is always the same, it feels like theres something there.
Whenever i leave after seeing her i am even more into her and cant stop thinking about her.

She has now (a few weeks ago), split with her partner.

Here’s the kicker. She is about to leave on a 50 day trip to europe with her now ex, (booked before the breakup) and she’s told me shes seeing a guy and is currently staying with him.

So, the question is;

Is it too late? Do i lay out the truth about how i feel, right before she leaves? Do i wait till shes back so as not to (possibly) ruin her trip with such a thing to think about?
Or, do i let her go?


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