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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Should I Give Up Or Try To Make It Work?

In summary, my girlfriend and I ran into issues during the summer that prevented us from spending much time together. She still holds this against me, thinks I haven’t put in enough effort and tells me this is the main reason she isn’t enjoying our relationship and no longer sees me as marriage material. What should I do?

How do I know if I like her?

Ive found a girlfriend and Im scared and confused on whether I like her or not- whether some intense feelings are meant to show. Any advice?

Feeling really alone after breaking up from a long term relationship

Has someone else gone through something similar?

Girlfriend wants me to be friends with her ex

My gf is friends with a work colleague she had a ONS with, she wants me to be friends with him as well, I dont want to – what should I do? We have been together about 2 years – they had their ONS about 3 years ago. He is a self confessed “player”. Although…
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