Few weeks ago, I saw a very beautiful nurse at the hospital emergency. I went there for a friend who was in an accident. I could not help but stare at her, but I am sure she did not notice. The image of this lady stays with me and I have very strong thoughts about her all the time. I went back to see her and perhaps make friendship but the first three times I did not find her there. I didn’t want to ask around about her or put up a search. It now looked and felt likeĀ  stalking but I had to go back one last time. The forth time, I found her in the emergency and under false pretences I spoke to her. It was strange, she stared me down-she looked me direct in the eyes a bit longer than I think, I managed to ask her name, but did not ask last name or number. I waited a bit to see if this thing will wear off but not. I go back there to ask for friendship or give her my number and I don’t find her. It is a costly exercise, I went there last night but I just could not get out f the car. How else can I get hold of this lady? I searched Facebook by name-nothing, I do not want to go to their HR or ask people around there.

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