Still confused to this day!!

Hello everyone! My name is Krul and I am a female teen so yes I need teen relationship advice for this one, if it is okay for you. Its about me and this guy named J, (Its a code name).

So anyway this is started this year. We know each other for like two years. Just two people who know their name, age and birthday. That’s all. So basically, kinda acquaintance?? I am not very sure. I sometimes roast him and he tries to roast me back. (If that makes sense.) Keep it mind that we are both in high school. (Sorry if my English is not good.) So basically, we know each other for two years and we only talk to each other at school. This year, in the beginning of the year, he sometimes ask me like mostly if I want to go on a date with this person or not and I usually say no because I know that he was just messing around. He did that until the end of the school trip, he asked me again if I want to go on a date with him and I was like, uhh okay sure, why not. I really didn’t care because I was so used to of him joking around. And then he stated to ask me questions like, will I go with him if he buy me expensive brands like Chanel or Gucci and I replied, I really don’t like those brands because I don’t want anyone spending expensive clothes or items to me.

After the school trip, he started to say “I love you” to me, in front of everyone and which I said, “I love you too.” Because again, I’m used to him joking but he only did that to me. He sometimes acted like we are dating which I play along with it. Sometimes he stop doing that for like two weeks or something and then one day, out of nowhere, he continues and then the next day, nothing. I hope this makes sense, I am very sorry if it doesn’t. I think that I kinda like this guy but it is very weird. I am the only one that he calls me babe, in front of everyone. And once one of my friends asked if we are actually dating, and he said, “yeah, we are in a relationship.” By the way, we never talk to each other alone or outside of school, just in groups.

So again, I think that he is joking but I want to be absolutely sure. I don’t really know if what he is saying is true or not because no one knows if he is saying the truth or not. So what do you think??

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