So there’s this girl….

So basically I’m a senior in high school , and this girl has always caught my eye but I never got a chance to talk to her, but this semester I got seated next to her and we have every class together. We really hit it off, I got her snap and I make her laugh in class a ton. We also snap a ton, we usually don’t say anything it’s just selfies back and forth. Even in class we’ll snap each other during the lesson (we don’t sit together in every class). During presentations as well her eye contact was focused on me and we just smile at each other. So due to all this I asked her to prom, which would be perfect considering and it turns out a guy already asked her and I was a day late. I know she would’ve said yes because her friend said that I should. I really don’t know how to advance this I’m stuck, I was really betting on prom as a date for us but that’s out of the picture. I don’t just want to be that funny dude in her classes. Any advice would be appreciated.

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