Should We Break Up?

Hello. I’m in my upper teens and I’ve been in a relationship with a boy for over a year now, and we’ve gone on and off. He’s cheated on me twice, first with one of his family friends and then with one of my close friends, but I was willing to get back together (a decision that I made out of ignorance and pure stupidity, tbh). We almost never talk, he’s not willing to show his emotions with me other than when I’m there to comfort him over something, and I realized that I’ve been putting up a fake version of myself to make sure he still likes me. My friends have been trying to get me to end it, but they say that I’m too soft to actually dump hin. The only reason that I haven’t ended it is because I’m scared of how he will react. I mean, it’s obvious that this relationship is toxic, but is there any way that I break up with him without hurting him? I’m afraid that either he’ll be so depressed that he won’t talk to me again or he’ll hate me and call me bad names. Does anyone have any tips on how to end this? Thank you.

One thought on “Should We Break Up?

  1. Unfortunately, most of the time, someone is going to get hurt in a breakup. But, forgive me for saying, by the sounds of it he isn’t too invested in the relationship. He’s cheated twice and doesn’t seem to be trying to make up for it by treating you better.

    Some people might say this is bad advice, but if you are really really worried about how he might react, talk to him in a public place. Not a busy place, but a public place (because it’s not really fair to give someone bad news in that setting). Go for a walk/sit down in a park or something like that.

    Things will be awkward for a while if you have the same friend group but that’s just the way it is unfortunately. Takes time to heal, and all that

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