Should I tell my girlfriend about my sexual problem

   I’m 18 old guy I have sexual problem call phimosis in which foreskin of penis can not be pulled back so that I can’t have sexual if I have sexual it will can be treaten but I don’t want to do it now. That’s why I’m virgin.but I am in some type of relationship with girl.i want to have sexual with her and I know she will accept me but I’m afraid to tell her about my problem so I want advice about should I tell her or not.

One thought on “Should I tell my girlfriend about my sexual problem

  1. Why should it matter when you are ready for that type of thing?
    There are many types of romances.
    You are going to be on this planet for long time.
    Perhaps it can be a process that you bothem go through together.
    If she loses her virginity to you, by having a surgery then you are also commiting yourself to a bodily change.
    A womans hymen breaks when your penis is inserted. And there is a little bit of blood.

    Perhaps you can see it that you are going for surgery to give her your virginity?

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