Should I say something about it?

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Should I say something about it?

My boyfriend wants to pay every time we go out, it’s sweet but I’ve told him that I’m not poor, I’m just as financially stable as he is and am not dependant.
So we went out to dinner the other night and when we went to pay, he said “I’ve got it” but I quickly gave the waitress cash. We got in the car and he seemed pissed off, he said it’s embarrassing acting like children like that and “if I say I’ve got it, IVE GOT IT!”
This really pissed me off but I didn’t say anything. Should I say something about it?

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  1. guyscrytoo says:

    He wants the power and control. In all seriousness: if he wants to pay, let him pay. If it’s truly bothering you and he’s unwilling to compromise at all – there could be other issues at hand here. If you want to feel like you’re contributing to things, he needs to understand that and let you. If he’s just a jerk, there is no fixing that until he realizes you want to be equals in the relationship. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but some people just have control issues.

  2. Violet says:

    Let him know that you appreciate him paying all the time and then tell him that it sometimes makes you feel like you aren’t contributing equally in the relationship. It might also help if you asked him why it bothers him for you to pay. Sometimes it’s cultural, sometimes it’s because of the relationship they saw with their parents growing up. Find out where compromise can be made. I hope you two work it out! 😊

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