Should I keep trying??

So there’s a guy and we have talked in the past and have hung out twice he tells me I love you and all those other things but for some reason he stops texting me out of nowhere and when I text him he’s like I forgot or it got busy he’s said that twice to me . Should I text him this Reid time and find out if he even wants a relationship with me or if he’s playing me or does it make me seem desperate for his attention? Pls help

One thought on “Should I keep trying??

  1. Hey sweetheart,

    You are so much more smarter than this hun, Let that boy go! He does NOT want to be with you. Any man that wants you will MAKE TIME FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT, he’s either talking to someone else and still likes the attention from you OR could just already be giving you your answer by not replying to you

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