Should I Just Give up

I have been talking to a guy I met and we met up. He promised to take me out to eat on valentines day, but as the day approached I would ask him and sometimes he would just ignore the question or change the conversation. I feel like he’s not interested  any more because when I text him or ask to video chat he mostly says not tn. He sometimes randomly texts me but most of the time I text him and returns simple texts like, yeah in bed etc.. I honestly have feelings for him, but don’t know how to interpret his actions.

2 thoughts on “Should I Just Give up

  1. I’ve dealt with that issue before, trust me. Most I can say is that you should find a common interest, see what he’s into and try it out too to give you something in common! If he likes a certain game, try to find one in the same genre that you can play together. The more common interests you two share, the more you can talk about and bond over. If he’s lost interest, try to respark your flame by doing something new maybe. Although, if none of these work, I’d say have one last leap of faith into a final attempt and if whatever comes to mind as your final attempt of gaining his interest again or at least getting him to show his interest, then maybe he’s not the guy for you.

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