Should I get back with an ex?

After continuous arguing for a few months I decided to end the relationship. We resumed communication a few weeks later when she said she was over me and was already moving on. I was okay with keeping communication and being civil with each other. In this period she told me about a guy she met and had a short fling with. I began to feel uncomfortable and like she was using me until she met a compatible partner. I informed her of how I felt and asked her to keep certain details to herself. After hanging out a couple more times we both reawakened some feelings and I am now considering giving the relationship another chance. However a part of me is now extremely insecure given that I know details of her fling, but I’m the one who ended the initial relationship so I can’t hold anything against her. I’m also not sure if I should decide quickly whether to give the relationship another chance or is it better if I give this period of becoming close again a bit more time.

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