Should I get back with an ex?

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Should I get back with an ex?

After continuous arguing for a few months I decided to end the relationship. We resumed communication a few weeks later when she said she was over me and was already moving on. I was okay with keeping communication and being civil with each other. In this period she told me about a guy she met and had a short fling with. I began to feel uncomfortable and like she was using me until she met a compatible partner. I informed her of how I felt and asked her to keep certain details to herself. After hanging out a couple more times we both reawakened some feelings and I am now considering giving the relationship another chance. However a part of me is now extremely insecure given that I know details of her fling, but I’m the one who ended the initial relationship so I can’t hold anything against her. I’m also not sure if I should decide quickly whether to give the relationship another chance or is it better if I give this period of becoming close again a bit more time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok so I’m a girl and I totally understand what she did… she was super upset that you guys broke up and was unable to get over you and that is the only reason she had the fling with that other guy. She told you about it because she wanted you to see that she could get other guys and wasn’t sitting at home being a loser. This is totally something I would do or any girl honestly. She really likes you and is was just trying to get over you with that other guy, but it clearly didn’t work because she came back to you to tell you about it. DATE HER (if you want to). Hope this helps, homie g.

    • Anonymous says:

      Omg and she wouldn’t have wanted to be friends with you or hangout with you if she didn’t still like you.

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