Here’s the story. It’s pretty long, so brace yourself.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 6 years now. I get along with his entire family except his little sister, who is only a year younger than me. She’s always made snarky remarks to me throughout the years.

One time she put on the same dress that I already had on and walked around asking “who looks better?” She constantly put me down saying I’m skinny or small. Yeah I get it I’m short whatever.

So a year or two ago when we were going to the same college, I found out from a mutual friend that she was going on saying I slept with her older sister??? I confronted her in my campus and she started crying like a baby. After that, she never apologized to her older sister or my boyfriend for being disrespectful.

Slowly but surely she started acting like a hitch again and goes on and on how she doesn’t want to be home loudly when she sees my boyfriend, I and the older sister together.

I’ve honestly never did anything to this girl. I ignored her nasty comments and treated her kindly. The family acts like nothing ever happened and my boyfriend stopped talking to his sister and already spoke up about her being a nasty person.

What is there left for me to do? I feel like I should be telling her off in front of her entire family. She’s so fake it’s disgusting. I’ve run out of patience of holding my tongue.